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The Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals (also known as "Precious Metals Convention", “Hallmarking Convention” or “Vienna Convention”) is an international treaty between Contracting States, which aims at facilitating the cross-border trade of precious metal articles. The scope of the Convention is strictly limited to the control of the precious metal content – not to health, security or other aspects of precious metals articles.

States, which are party to the Convention, recognise that articles, which have been marked with the Convention “Common Control Mark” (CCM) and which are of a legal fineness, can enter their territory without additional control or marking. The CCM is the first international hallmark and accepted not only in the Convention's Contracting States but also in other countries, where it is recognised as a "quality" symbol. The Convention makes it easier for quality precious metals articles, for which there is a high demand, to travel and cross borders. For the number of CCM-marked articles, see yearly statistics.

The Convention, which is based on the principle of independent, third-party control, has greatly contributed to the harmonisation of standards related to the control and marking of precious metals articles and still continues to be the leading organisation in the field.

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