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Last update: 27/10/2015

List of Offices Holders

Year Chairperson Secretary
 September 2015
 Ms. Dalia Yarom (Israel)  Mr. Daniel Brunner
 September 2006 /
 September 2015
 Mr. Ronald Le Bas (Ireland)  Mr. Daniel Brunner
 March 2002 /
 September 2006
 Mr. David Evans (United Kingdom)  Mr. Daniel Brunner
 March 2000 /
 March 2002
 Mr. Walo W√§lchli (Switzerland)  Mr. Daniel Brunner
 May 1995 /
 March 2000
 Ms. Margareta Ottosson (Sweden)  Mr. Gilbert Besson
 September 1990 /
 May 1995
 Dr. Frank Benett (United Kingdom)  Mr. Gilbert Besson
 October 1982 /
 September 1990
 Mr. Ernst Loeffel (Switzerland)  Mr. Gilbert Besson
 October 1975 /
 October 1982
 Mr. John Forbes (United Kingdom)  Mr. Gilbert Besson