Please provide a complete dossier which supply the information requested with reference to the appropriate questions! All questions must be completed by countries wishing to accede to the Convention.


For a clear understanding of the questions and the terms used, please refer to the Glossary (section 2.4).


Return Application form & Questionnaire to:

                                    Secretariat of the Precious Metals Convention
                                    c/o PIC/S
                                    Rue du Roveray 14
                                    CH-1207 Geneva



1.           Applicant State (official name of the country)



1.1         Authority which applies on behalf of the State (name)



1.2         Address



1.3         Contact person (name and title)


1.4         Phone

1.5         Fax

1.6         E-mail

1.7         Web site

1.8         Date & Signature


2.           General

2.1         Supply a complete English translation of your national hallmarking legislation including reference and date of entry into force 

2.2         Which ministry is responsible for hallmarking?

2.3         How many articles of precious metals did you hallmark in the last calendar year?  How many did you reject?


3.           Organisation

3.1         Assay Office(s)

3.1.1      Is the control and marking of precious metals carried out by Assay Offices?

3.1.2      Is there a hierarchy among the offices (e.g. main office, regional offices, sub-office)? Please provide an organisation chart.

3.1.3      Attach a list of offices with addresses

3.2         Laboratory

3.2.1      Is your laboratory accredited? Please state the standards (e.g. ISO 17025).

3.2.2      If so, please indicate for which methods of analysis (scope).

3.2.3      Does your laboratory participate in interlaboratory testing?

3.2.4      If so, what kind of interlaboratory testing (internal, on national or on international level?)  Please provide results obtained during Round Robins during the last two calendar years (compared to the average result) as well as your z-scores.

3.2.5      Apart of laboratory accreditation, are your Assay Offices accredited for further tasks (e.g. inspection)?


4.           Legislation

4.1         Do you comply with all parts of Annexes I and II to the Convention?  If not, list the paragraphs you do not comply with.

4.2         To what kind of articles does your legislation not apply?

4.3         Which standards of fineness are recognised in your legislation?

4.3.1      For platinum?

4.3.2      For gold?

4.3.3      For palladium?

4.3.4      For silver?

4.4         What coatings are permitted for articles of precious metals? (precious metals? including rhodium? other coatings like enamel?)


5.           Hallmarks

5.1         Are your hallmarks protected by law (e.g. criminal law) against forgery and misuse?  What are the sanctions? If so, please provide an English translation of the relevant articles.

5.2         What system (e.g. market surveillance) do you have in place to ensure the protection of hallmarks?

5.3         Do you have more than one hallmark? Please attach a copy of all the marks used by the Assay Offices in your country.

5.4         What security measures do you have for keeping your hallmarks safe:

5.4.1      -   for punches ?

5.4.2      -   for laser software?

5.5         Do you already recognise the CCM?  If not, will you change your legislation to recognise (and protect) the CCM when joining the Convention?

5.6         Do you recognise foreign hallmarks (based on a bilateral or multilateral convention) and if so, which ones?


6.           Accession Arrangements

6.1         How will you ratify the Convention? By government decree? By parliamentary ratification (i.e. by law)?

6.2         What steps have you already undertaken to ensure the ratification? (e.g. support of other Ministries)


7.           Facilities for the Inspection Team

7.1         The full cost (or participation) to the 2-day visit by the Inspecting Team can be requested from the Applicant State.  What facilities can you extend to the Members of the Inspection Team?