Working Groups

The Standing Committee can establish other Sub-Committees or ad hoc Working Groups, which may have a more limited mandate. 

There are currently two active Working Groups:

Working Group on Vision and Strategy (WGVS) 

The Working Group on Vision and Strategy (WGVS) was originally established at the Convention’s 40th Anniversary in London in September 2015.  The mandate of the Working Group was to define a vision and strategy for the Convention and describe what objectives the Convention wishes to achieve over the next decade and how. The WG’s intial mandate, which was limited to a maximum period of 3 years, has been completed and the WG has delivered a new vision and related strategies at the SC Meeting in Stockholm in April 2018. At its meeting in Ljubljana in March 2019, the SC gave the WG a second mandate, which consists in reviewing the comments received from Contracting States during the consultation period. It will advise the SC on whether the proposed vision and strategies need to be amended, based on Members' comments, and on how to implement both vision and related strategies.

The WGVS comprises Members from Cyprus, Ireland, Israel, Switzerland and the UK.

Working Group on Model Law (WGML)

The Working Group on Model Law (WGML) was established at the SC meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in March 2019.  It aims at drafting guidelines on a model law, which contain basic requirements regarding the control and marking of articles of precious metals, in particular the recognition of foreign hallmarks such as the CCM.  The guidelines on the model law, which will be voluntary, should facilitate the accession of new Member States to the Convention. 

The WGML is chaired by Ms°Nataša Mejak-Vukovic (Slovenia) and comprises Members from Croatia, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, and the UK.