Standing Technical Group

The Standing Technical Group is a permanent Sub-Committee, which was established in 2004 and whose mandate is to assist the Standing Committee on technical matters.

STG Members are technical experts in the field of precious metal control, who are employed by an authorised Assay Office.  They are nominated by the Standing Committee for a renewable term of 2 years.  The STG is also assisted by corresponding Members, who are mainly interested Staff Members of Assay Offices. 

The mandate of the STG is to:

  1. Address technical issues relevant to the Convention;
  2. Review specific technical requirements and advise on new testing methods;
  3. Organise Round Robins (RR) in line with the RR Guidelines;
  4. Discuss new practices in the field of assaying and marking;
  5. Identify possibilities for promoting international harmonisation under the Convention;
  6. Make recommendations and/or proposals on technical issues to the Standing Committee.

The STG currently comprises the following 6 experts: