Decisions adopted by the SC in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (11 October 2010): At its 67th meeting, the Standing Committee:

  1. agreed on a proposal to amend the Convention's Annexes (PMC/W 2/2000 (Rev. 2)) as well as on a revision of the Compilation of Acts (PMC/W 1/2001 (Rev. 11));
  2. revised the Explanatory Notes to the Convention (PMC/W 10/2009 (Rev. 1));
  3. nominated an Inspection Team (consisting of representatives from Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland and the Secretariat) for the on-site assessment of Italy;
  4. mandated the Standing Technical Group to: (i) review the proposal to amend the Technical Decisions (PMC/W 2/2001 (Draft 7)); (ii) revise definitions contained in the Compilation of Acts in co-operation with the original authors; (iii) draft Guidelines on the Independence of Authorised Assay Offices;
  5. agreed to conduct a Round Robin on Marking Techniques;
  6. re-elected Mr. Ronald Le Bas (Ireland) as Chairman and elected Ing. Martin Novotny (Czech Republic) as Deputy Chairman - both for a period of two years;
  7. decided to reconvene in Geneva on 21 March 2011 and in Poland on 19 September 2011.