Inspections to Serbia and Croatia

Geneva (9 December 2014): Two Inspection Teams visited Serbia and Croatia on 10-11 November 2014 and 13-14 November 2014, respectively.  Both Croatia and Serbia have applied for membership and in line with the Convention's requirements an inspection took place to clarify their capability of conforming with the Convention's requirements. The Members of the Inspection Team were: Mr Ronald Le Bas from the Irish Assay Office (acting as Team Leader), Mr Thomas Brodmann from the Swiss Assay Office, Ms Nataša Mejak-Vukovic from Slovenia (for Serbia only), Dr Irena Grabec Švegl from Slovenia (for Croatia only), and Mr Daniel Brunner, Secretary.  The inspections took place on the premises of the Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals (DMDM) in Belgrade (see photo above) and the State Office for Metrology in Zagreb (see photo below).  The reports will be tabled at the spring meeting of the Standing Committee where they will be discussed and hopefully endorsed. If this is the case, all Convention's Contracting States will then be consulted on whether they accept to invite Croatia and Serbia to join the Convention