Competent Ministry

Ministry of Economic Development
General Direction for Industrial Policy, Competitiveness and SME’s
UNIT VIII - Agroindustry, Made in Italy and Creative Industries
Via Molise 2 IT - 00187 ROME
T. +39 06 47 05 1

Authorised Assay Office

Laboratorio di Saggio dei Metalli Preziosi
Camera di Commercio I.A.A. - Vicenza
Via Isonzo
IT - 1936077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI)
T. +39 0444 99 48 68

Country profile

Last updated on 03-11-2019

The information provided in the table below serves a purely informative purpose and does not have any official or legal status (see disclaimer).  To ascertain that the information is still correct and up-to-date, please contact the authorised Assay Office.

Status Applicant State
Control system Voluntary
Legal precious metals & standards of fineness*
Platinum Gold Palladium Silver
>950 >750 >950 >925
950 750 950 925
900 585 500 800
850 375 - -
Weight exemptions**
Platinum Gold Palladium Silver
1g 1g 1g 1g
Recognition of marks
Other marks Marks from EU and EEA countries + Swiss marks

* Standards may differ from those recognised under the Convention
**There are no weight exemptions under the Convention’s rules.

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