Competent Ministry

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
12/2 Hrushevsky Str
UA - KIEV 01008
T. +380 44 201 56 30

Authorised Assay Office

Kiev Assay Office
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
26 Otto Schmidta Street
UA - KIEV 04107
T. +380 44 239 97 00

Country profile

Last updated on 01-09-2019

The information provided in the table below serves a purely informative purpose and does not have any official or legal status (see disclaimer).  To ascertain that the information is still correct and up-to-date, please contact the authorised Assay Office.

Status Applicant State
Control system
Legal precious metals & standards of fineness*
Platinum Gold Palladium Silver
- - - -
Weight exemptions**
Platinum Gold Palladium Silver
- - - -
Recognition of marks
Other marks

* Standards may differ from those recognised under the Convention
** N/A under Convention rules