Competent Ministry

Ministry of Finance
1, Smilsu Str
LV - 1919 RIGA
T. +371 7095405

Authorised Assay Office

Assay Office of Latvia (Latvijas proves birojs)
Teatra Str. 9
LV - 1050 RIGA
T. +371 72 10 009

Country profile

Last updated on 31-10-2019

The information provided in the table below serves a purely informative purpose and does not have any official or legal status (see disclaimer).  To ascertain that the information is still correct and up-to-date, please contact the authorised Assay Office.

Status Contracting State
Control system Compulsory
Legal precious metals & standards of fineness*
Platinum Gold Palladium Silver
999 999 999 999
950 916 950 925
900 750 500 830
850 585 - 800
- 375 - -
Weight exemptions**
Platinum Gold Palladium Silver
- - - -
Recognition of marks
Other marks Austria Steuer- und Zollkoordination Edelmetallkontroll; Labor Czech Republic; Puncovni Urad Denmark FORCE Technology; France Direction générale des douanes et droits indirects; Croatia Državni zavod za mjeriteljstvo; Estonia AS Metrosert; Italy Camera di Commercio Vicenza; Ireland Assay Office Ireland; Cyprus ΚΥΠΡΙΑΚΟΣ ΟΡΓΑΝΙΣΜΟΣ ΣΗΜΑΝΣΗΣ ΑΝΤΙΚΕΙΜΕΝΩΝ ΑΠΟ ΠΟΛΥΤΙΜΑ ΜΕΤΑΛΛΑ; United Kingdom Birmingham Assay Office; United Kingdom Edinburgh Assay Office; United Kingdom London Assay Office; United Kingdom Sheffield Assay Office; Lithuania Lietuvos prabavimo rūmai; The Netherlands WaarborgHolland BV; The Netherlands Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland B.V.; Norway Justervesenet; Poland Okręgowy Urząd Probierczy w Krakowie; Poland Okręgowy Urząd Probierczy w Warszawie; Portugal Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda; Romania Autoritatea Naţională pentru Protecţia Consumatorilor; Slovakia Puncovy urad Slovenskej Republiky; Slovenia Urad Republike Slovenije za meroslovje (MIRS); Finland Labtium Oy; Spain Instituto Tecnologico Metal – Mecanico, AIMME; Spain Centro de Laboratorios y Servicios Industriales de Madrid; Spain Junta de Galicia. Conselleria de Industria e Comercio. Direccion Xeral de Industria. Laboratorio Oficial de Contrastacion de Metales Precisos; Spain Instituto Tecnologico de la Bisuteria, ITEB; Spain LGAI Centro Tecnologico; Spain Sociedad Andaluza de Verificacion y Contraste de Metales Preciosos S.A., SAVECO; Spain Col·legi oficial de joiers, d’orfebres, de rellotgers i de gemolegs de Catalunya, JORGC; Switzerland Oberzolldirektion Zentralamt für Edelmetallkontrolle; Hungary Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala; Sweden RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

* Standards may differ from those recognised under the Convention
** N/A under Convention rules

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