Competent Ministry

Ministry of Economy Republic of Serbia
Kneza Milosa 20
RS - 11000 BELGRAD

Authorised Assay Office

Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals
Mike Alasa 14
RS - 11000 BELGRAD
T. +381 11 202 44 50

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Last updated on 03-11-2019

The information provided in the table below serves a purely informative purpose and does not have any official or legal status (see disclaimer).  To ascertain that the information is still correct and up-to-date, please contact the authorised Assay Office.

Status Applicant State
Control system Compulsory
Legal precious metals & standards of fineness*
Platinum Gold Palladium Silver
999 999 999 999
950 950 950 950
900 840 500 925
850 750 - 800
- 585 - -
Weight exemptions**
Platinum Gold Palladium Silver
1g 1g 1g 3g
Recognition of marks
Other marks No (no for now but there is the possibility of recognition foreign hallmarks, see Article 29 of the Law)

* Standards may differ from those recognised under the Convention
** N/A under Convention rules

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Control marks


Exceptionally, gold articles produced by minting (coins, memorial plaques, etc.) can have fineness of 900/1000.